Monday, 27 February 2012

Hospital Day

Today was Karagh,s weekly blood test,s today in the Hospital. .we were over there bright and early this morning to have to days test done and the results were all good,her bloods are fine and she is doing good. .Karagh,s neutrophils are higher than they ever have been since she was diagnosed,they have always been below 1.0 and today they are 2.26 so that's very good :).Today is the start of a good week and lets just hope that the rest of the week brings us more good news  

Karagh been Karagh as usual today being nosey every Nurse,Doctor or any body that came into the room she was almost upside down looking at them and following every step they took and thing they picked up :)
                                                Full of smiles with Daddy,s hat on :)

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  1. What a beautiful girl. She is just a doll. I continue to pray for good news!