Monday, 14 May 2012

Always Thinking

 So much to say because its been a while since i have updated my blog.We have done so much stuff since the Zoo we have been to loads of party,s,  Karagh has had loads of sleep over with both Nanny,s and Granda,s.

But there one thing i am so happy about and that's Karagh seeing her uncle Dean for the 2nd time play a rugby match but this time it was a final for the Darcy Cup and he won.We had a brilliant Day and even better when we went down pitch side to get photos taken with the cup, but as the match goes on for 70 minutes it was to much for Karagh and she fell asleep in her buggy ha :)

A picture of Karagh's uncle Dean scoring the winning try :)

New Room:

 We got Karagh's room ready for her to move into and she loves it,she in her own room 3 weeks now she starting to sleep all night. Its been hard as she is only getting back into her routine of things with everything she has been through.I do nights and Sarah gets up in morning even if she sleeps or not im still in and out to check on her id stay awake all night if i have to.For the first 3 weeks of her been in her own room  she would wake up 5 or 6 times during the night,i didn't mind i would just go into her and give her her soother and stay in there with her till she would fall back asleep.There has been nights where she cry'd so much with her teeth as she is teething like mad i would pick her up and let her fall asleep in my arms and then put her back down in her cot.Now she goes to sleep between 8 and half 8 and sleeps through till half 7 maybe just wakening ounce for her soother but other than that she is really good :)

                                                 Karagh in her new room :)
                                                Fast asleep and looks so comfy :)

The Beach:

As i was explaining earlier we have done so many things in the last few weeks and another one of them was a trip to the beach with Karagh for the first time :) we had a brilliant day relaxing on the beach, playing abit of football and taking a walk up along the pier.We brought her into the arcades to play on some of the games in there and as i always do i got her 1 or 2 teddy's :)

                                                      Enjoying the Sun and beach :)
                                                               Karagh and Mammy :)


Karagh enjoying her new teething rings that were sent to her by some friends Mike and Kezia she really likes them :) Mike and Kezia have been so good to us :)

                                                     A big Kiss for Daddy xx

Always Thinking:

Its been 2 and a half months now since Karagh has been N.E.D(no evidence of disease) she has been in great form and is doing so well,she is sitting up on her own she always wants to be down on the ground trying to walk even though she cant even crawling yet but i give it another few days and she will crawl she doing her best too,the other day she started clapping her hands and dancing,i have her giving me a high five every time i hold my hand up :) and every morning Sarah brings her down she is Da Da Da Da until i get up :) she is just the best xx. .she has had her Hickman line(Freddie) removed now the last 3 weeks and it was a bit of mixed emotions getting it out. .I was delighted she was getting it out as it was another step on the right road but there was that little bit of me inside that wanted her to keep it, i don't no why? i think it was just incase of it coming back and the line was out that she would have to go through it all over again getting it back in,sounds stupid maybe but there always going to be that part of me that's never relaxed always thinking when she cry's is it back again.She has a scan in June and im not looking forward to it as expected, i wont be looking forward to any of the scans really, but i didn't call her MY LITTLE FIGHTER for noting and she proved to us all that she is a fighter and she is going to power her way through every scan.She is the best and i am so so proud of her and so proud to be a father :) love her to bits

                                          Just back from having Freddie removed
                                      My Little Princess all grown up and full of smiles as usual :)

Want everybody to keep Karagh in your prayers and that every scan she has is good news :) xx