Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our Life Now

Karagh was 12 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma,she is now 6 months old and doing good with chemotherapy.Being told your child has cancer is just so not fair its hard but for her to be strong I had to be strong.once a week we go to Portlaoise Hospital to have her bloods done and her Hickman line cleaned (we no it has her Freddie),every 3 weeks then we go to Crumlin Hospital for Karagh to have her chemo over a course of 3 days.She has her good days and her bad days not feeding and sometimes not sleeping but just last week she had a really bad week,she got rotavirus and was in hospital for few days getting sick and diarrhea.This was the worst i had seen her since she was diagnosed,she had no energy and was just completely drained i looked at her lying in the cot and as sick as she looked she still managed to give me a big smile. 

Here is the smile she gave me even though she was so sick looking in the other picture, No matter weather it during the day or if she has just woken up the first thing in the morning you would always get a beautiful smile

When  Karagh was kept in Hospital for the rota virus she was dew to have a CT scan done on the 20th of this month in Crumlin which had to be cancelled,Me and Sarah were so annoyed over this because this was her big scan to tell us weather she would continue with chemo or have an operation done,it was a stressful wait for the 20th to come and to be told then it had to be cancelled made me stress even more,we just want to no what her next protocol is going to be :(
I just had to deal with the fact it was cancelled and just think bout Karagh getting better.
on the upside Karagh got home from Hosptal 2 days later and we were just glad to be back home again :)

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