Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sorry its been ages since ive been on to update my blog. The last time was just after Karagh's first birthday. She is doing so well the past few Months she is flying it around now its so hard to keep up with her :)She is teething like mad so she has her good days and her bad days and with five teeth she likes to try eat everything :) .For such a small person she has an amazing appetite and i thought i was the one with a good appetite :) Im not complaining though because its better shes eating loads than none at all.

Im really looking forward for Christmas this year, last year i didn't really enjoy it, well not that i didn't enjoy it i did because it was Karagh's first Christmas but because when we were told she was sick i thought it was going to be her only one. the night we found out Karagh was sick i couldn't stay the night in the hospital so when i went home i put up the Christmas tree so that when Karagh came home from hospital it was there for her to see, Putting up Christmas tree is suppose to be a fun time for family's for me that night was so hard because i had just found out few hours ago that Karagh had cancer i cried as i put the tree up, even now as im writing this its bringing it all back and its still emotional every time i think about it. There nights still ware im lying in bed with tears coming from my eyes because i still think about it all and what she went through, to me Karagh is my inspiration to stay strong, believe and keep fighting she did all them things and more and came out on top

.This year is going to be brilliant because we going to be doing it as a family the 3 of us and i no as we are putting the tree up and the decorations on Karagh is going to be thinking hope yee both no im going to pull this down :) ha i can just picture her with the smile on her face looking at me as she creeps closer and closer to it with her hand out, but like me i no she is excited and will just be curious so its something i am looking forward too :)

Karagh and her cheeky smile :)
Relaxing with Daddy
Ready to go for a walk
                                                     Playing on her Minnie Mouse Car
 In this photo Karagh is looking at the television because Andrea Bocelli live in Central Park is on and she love to listen to him singing especially when he singing Time To Say Goodbye but this is how she is when he singing noting will distract her and she never takes her eyes of the television :)