Saturday, 27 April 2013

Growing Up Fast :)

Its been a while now since i have last updated my blog the last time was for Karagh's Christmas Party for St Johns Ward.

Since then Karagh has been doing great she has had a few sore throats in the last few months. .We have said it to our GP about her having her tonsils out so we just have to wait and see what is going to happen. She has started all her vaccination needles again because when she got sick they were put on hold as they wouldn't have been any good to her from the chemo.

We are back to Crumlin Hospital on the 14th of May to have a scan and to see her oncology doctor to make sure everything is ok. .the past few scans have all been good so hopefully it stays that way and this scan is good too.

Some of you may already know that we got some more good news that we are expecting another little baby girl in few weeks time. We are so happy and excited and cannot wait for Karagh to meet her little sister :) we had a checkup on Wednesday and the baby is doing fine and everything is ok :)

                                                               Baby Cahill No2 :)

Karagh is growing up so fast its hard to believe where the time has gone. .2 weeks ago we moved Karagh from her cot into her little bed she still getting use to it but so far so good. .There a few nights now where she finds it funny and thinks its a game because she can get out of the bed and run around the room :) but she getting better as the days go by. .Everything takes time :)

Karagh's little bed :)

Looking back through photos the other day and found this one of Karagh after her first round of chemo.

Here is a picture of Karagh now Taken Few days ago

Wearing her new Tottenham Jersey :)
Enjoying a day in the Park :)
Karagh and cousin Sasha playing In jumping jacks :)
cant go anywhere witout Karagh looking for Sasha she loves Sash :)