Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy Christmas :)

Christmas is getting closer now and we are so excited :)  we had loads of fun putting up our tree and decorations and with the help of Karagh too. .she love the tree so much she even gets under it and then try's to stand up relising she cant. Its so funny with her :)

                                             Here she is trying to stand up while under the tree

Last weekend we had Karagh Christmas Party for St Johns Oncology Ward Crumlin Hospital in City West Hotel. It was absolutely brilliant we had a brilliant time and so did Karagh. She was up playing and dancing with the other kids and she got to see Santy for the First time. She wasn't  to Happy seeing him she didn't cry but didn't want to be to close to him :)

Was so nice to see all the children having so much fun playing, dancing and doing Karaoke. They had the best night ever. We got to meet all Karagh's nurses which was nice because we had not seen them since Karagh finished her treatment. They couldn't believe how big she got she would have only been 7 months old since they last seen her so it was great to see them all. The Party went on for 3 hours and for the 3 hours Karagh did not stop once she was on the go the hole time. When we got home that evening and it was time for Karagh to go to bed she went straight asleep she had worn herself out from all the running around she did. So Happy she had a good time and i did aswell :)

                                                    Karagh on the Dance floor
                                                            Karagh meeting Santa
                                                               HO    HO    HO
                                                 Karagh after getting her face painted
                                       Karagh Sarah and Dr Capra Karagh's Doctor

From Me Karagh and Sarah we would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year:)