Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Good Weekend

This weekend was a good one for us Karagh is back to herself again eating and drinking as normal now.I had my brothers Birthday party last night which was a good night. . Sarah,s ma took Karagh for the night. .For the past couple of weeks ive felt like i been carrying blocks on my shoulders i haven't been able to sleep id be up half the night just trying to bend my back to release some of the tension in both my back and shoulders,it would work for 2 seconds and i be just the same, for the first time in ages i felt a bit of weight off my shoulders and i didn't feel any tension and i had a good time. .My brother had a good night to and it was brilliant because we hadn't all been out together in ages.After the good night i couldn't wait to see my little princess today and when i walked in the door today i had a smile waiting for me as always :) Sarah,Karagh and Sarah,s ma went of  shopping today for new clothes for the princess,i stayed at home to watch me and Karagh,s favorite team Tottenham play on television today.When Sarah and them got home she had bought some balloons(purple and gold)for us to release for little RJ who lost his fight against Neuroblastoma. we have been following RJ story for a long time now. .we put a little message on the Balloons for him from Karagh and we had Karagh hold them and let them go,it took her a while to let them go but she eventually did :)we took pictures to show Karagh when she is older what she did for RJ. .Karagh is fast asleep now beside me she is tired after all her little adventures she had today.she is back in hospital tomorrow to have her bloods checked and hopefully there all good. .This week is a waiting game for us all,we are waiting on the results of Karagh,s CT scan she had last Thursday,we will be getting the results either Thursday or Friday and we are all praying and would like you all to pray for her that it will be good news.

                                                        Karagh,s message for RJ
                                                        Ready to go outside
                                                         Karagh Releasing the balloons

Will update more tomorrow with her blood results :)

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  1. You're a good Dad Keith! Glad to hear you hit it off so well with Mike too! Another good Dad. Best to you all, thinking of you for Friday. Know it will be a hard day no matter what. Let some of us share the weight with you when you are feeling it, if you can. I hope it can help you in some small way.