Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Drawing For My Daughter

Recently Me and Sarah set up a page for Karagh(The Karagh Mouse Clubhouse Raising Awareness For Neuroblastoma) We named it this because she loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when she watches it she smiles she loves it. .We would put her in her swinging chair and put her in front of the television and she would sit watch and smile at it.It does be the best feeling ever to hear her laugh and goo at the television to her favorite program, Everywhere we look in the house is Minnie Mouse. .While my Mind is always thinking about Karagh Yesterday While Sarah and her went for a walk  i sat in front of the table and i thought of a few  things i could put into a picture for The Karagh Mouse Clubhouse Page, 2 hours later i came up with a Design.I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have her favorite Character put into something that means allot.So i added Minnie Mouse into a Ribbon with the Neuroblastoma purple and yellow with Karagh,s page and Cancer cant bully me!  I WILL WIN.
Here is the picture :)   

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