Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy Christmas :)

Christmas is getting closer now and we are so excited :)  we had loads of fun putting up our tree and decorations and with the help of Karagh too. .she love the tree so much she even gets under it and then try's to stand up relising she cant. Its so funny with her :)

                                             Here she is trying to stand up while under the tree

Last weekend we had Karagh Christmas Party for St Johns Oncology Ward Crumlin Hospital in City West Hotel. It was absolutely brilliant we had a brilliant time and so did Karagh. She was up playing and dancing with the other kids and she got to see Santy for the First time. She wasn't  to Happy seeing him she didn't cry but didn't want to be to close to him :)

Was so nice to see all the children having so much fun playing, dancing and doing Karaoke. They had the best night ever. We got to meet all Karagh's nurses which was nice because we had not seen them since Karagh finished her treatment. They couldn't believe how big she got she would have only been 7 months old since they last seen her so it was great to see them all. The Party went on for 3 hours and for the 3 hours Karagh did not stop once she was on the go the hole time. When we got home that evening and it was time for Karagh to go to bed she went straight asleep she had worn herself out from all the running around she did. So Happy she had a good time and i did aswell :)

                                                    Karagh on the Dance floor
                                                            Karagh meeting Santa
                                                               HO    HO    HO
                                                 Karagh after getting her face painted
                                       Karagh Sarah and Dr Capra Karagh's Doctor

From Me Karagh and Sarah we would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year:)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sorry its been ages since ive been on to update my blog. The last time was just after Karagh's first birthday. She is doing so well the past few Months she is flying it around now its so hard to keep up with her :)She is teething like mad so she has her good days and her bad days and with five teeth she likes to try eat everything :) .For such a small person she has an amazing appetite and i thought i was the one with a good appetite :) Im not complaining though because its better shes eating loads than none at all.

Im really looking forward for Christmas this year, last year i didn't really enjoy it, well not that i didn't enjoy it i did because it was Karagh's first Christmas but because when we were told she was sick i thought it was going to be her only one. the night we found out Karagh was sick i couldn't stay the night in the hospital so when i went home i put up the Christmas tree so that when Karagh came home from hospital it was there for her to see, Putting up Christmas tree is suppose to be a fun time for family's for me that night was so hard because i had just found out few hours ago that Karagh had cancer i cried as i put the tree up, even now as im writing this its bringing it all back and its still emotional every time i think about it. There nights still ware im lying in bed with tears coming from my eyes because i still think about it all and what she went through, to me Karagh is my inspiration to stay strong, believe and keep fighting she did all them things and more and came out on top

.This year is going to be brilliant because we going to be doing it as a family the 3 of us and i no as we are putting the tree up and the decorations on Karagh is going to be thinking hope yee both no im going to pull this down :) ha i can just picture her with the smile on her face looking at me as she creeps closer and closer to it with her hand out, but like me i no she is excited and will just be curious so its something i am looking forward too :)

Karagh and her cheeky smile :)
Relaxing with Daddy
Ready to go for a walk
                                                     Playing on her Minnie Mouse Car
 In this photo Karagh is looking at the television because Andrea Bocelli live in Central Park is on and she love to listen to him singing especially when he singing Time To Say Goodbye but this is how she is when he singing noting will distract her and she never takes her eyes of the television :)


Thursday, 6 September 2012

1 year old :)

On the 4th of September Karagh turned 1 :) we had the best birthday party ever for her, loads of family and friends and lovely messages from Karagh's followers on facebook.
We had an absolute brilliant day the sun was shining and the kids had fun on the bouncy castle :)
After all she has been through she deserved to be spoiled on her big day and she did indeed get spoiled by everybody.She got lovely presents and cards from many people including Stefano a friend we meet in Lourdes he was from Italy. .he sent her a post card saying Happy Birthday and in Italian he wrote Greetings i pray for you :) which was so nice of him he always came over to her the hotel and he said to me he will never forget her.

I cant believe she is 1 already the year flew round with its downs but then we had our ups aswell being told that Karagh is N.E.D which was the best news we could have ever got.
She surprised everybody that day when they looked at the scan the doctor said to us that they couldnt believe that it had just disappeared it had shrunk with the chemo she was getting.
When i heard it first i was shocked but when i knew it had gone i was over the moon with joy and so happy.

Now Karagh is 1 year old and she is as happy as ever and still N.E.D we had her check up on Tuesday and the doctor was happy with her said she is doing fine growing well and putting on weight :)
We had her MRI booked for Monday but the Machine was broken so we have to wait on another date for the scan so still bit nerves even tho the doctor said she was fine but just want to get the scan done and to see that everything is 100%

Karagh with her Birthday Cake :)

Cake with Minnie Mouse

Me Sarah and Karagh :)

Singing Happy Birthday

Karagh had a brilliant Birthday so many Pictures to show her when she gets older and thanks everybody for all her birthday wishes on her Karagh Mouse Clubhouse Page :) xxx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Here are some of the Pictures we took while we were in Lourdes

Karagh and Stephano our friend we met from Italy

The Upper Basilica 

Karagh and Sarah in front of Our Lady Statue

Me and Sarah on top of Pic De Jur with Lourdes in background

Me Sarah and Karagh 

Candle Light Procession

Karagh kissing the Grotto in Lourdes

Drinking holy water from Grotto

Karagh's Rosary Beads on tree

                                                                    Me and Karagh

Our 3 Roses we left at Our Lady's Statue

  We had a brilliant time there and memories that we will never forget and friends that we will have forever :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Trip to Lourdes

After a brilliant week in Lourdes we are back home :) ,we had a really good time and we met lots of really nice people. It was a week full of good times that i will never ever forget. we brought Karagh to the baths in Lourdes where she was placed into really cold water, me and Sarah also got into them and the thing about the  baths is when we got out we where bone dry. We also did the Candle light procession which was the most beautiful thing i ever seen. We brought Karagh to the Grotto where she rubbed her hand all along the wall as soon as we took her out of the buggy it was like she knew she had to do it and we did the Blessing for the sick where we were anointed with special oils and blessed by the priest.

We went to the top of the pic du jer which is a mountain in Lourdes that is 1100 metre to where the cable car drops us and i walked another 300 to the top where the cross is that illuminates at night, was a good day and the views was brilliant.

There was lots of things we done during the week and one of the things was placing a set of Rosary Beads on a tree for Karagh with her picture and soother attached to them, for me it was a happy but emotional time  
Throughout the hole week Karagh was brilliant she never cried once and she made alot of new friends as me and Sarah did too, One man from day one every day in the hotel at breakfast, lunch and dinner came over to Karagh and always said hello, he was from Italy, he gave Karagh 2 pairs of rosary beads and he gave Sarah a pair and me a gold coin on a key ring from the Vatican in Rome which was really nice. I talked to him through his translator and was telling him the reason Karagh was in Lourdes and what was wrong with her, he couldn't believe it.He said to me he had falling in love with her the first time he seen her and she always smiled at me, Before i finished talking to him he ask me could he have a picture of Karagh and our address as he wants to keep in touch with us to see how Karagh is doing :) and he told me he will pray for her every day.


I said alot of prayers for Karagh, for children who is fighting Cancer and for the one,s who have lost there lives to Cancer and  for there family's aswell and also lit candles for them too.

During thee week in Lourdes we were told that Karagh's Peach's Neet Feet arrived and we were so excited to see them and let Karagh see them and try them on and i have to say that they are the nicest cutest things ever and she is delighted and was full of smiles when she took them out of the box :)

I will have pictures of our time in Lourdes and also pictures of Karagh with her new runners on up tomorrow :)


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Its almost Karagh's first Birthday and her next scan which means we are happy but at the same time nervous about the scan, she is having an MRI scan on her full body this time, she is having it the 3rd of September and then we are back up on the 4th the day of her birthday to see her doctor with the results of the scan.

Its been a year that seems like it flew but at the same time the longest year ever if that makes sense, we have had lots of ups and downs, One of the biggest things we got hit with in the year was been told Karagh had Cancer its a day i will never forget for the rest of my life. Its one the things you never want to hear.She was in treatment for 3 months and everyday for the 3 months i kept saying to myself i wish it was me instead of her i just didn't want her going through it all. Then after her 3 months of treatment we were given the best news ever that the chemotherapy had worked and that the tumor had gone and Karagh didn't have to go through it anymore :)We were over the moon we were delighted. She's had one scan already since then and it was all clear so im praying that this one is the same and i no it will be.

We have had our first Holiday with Karagh to Spain and it was brilliant she had a lovely time we all did and Karagh loved the water she cried every time we took her out.Cant wait to bring her again next year :)

                                              Karagh having a swim for the first time
                                                     Posing for the camera :)

 I've had my appendix removed just 3 weeks ago and when i was going down to the theatre i was nervous because it was my first time ever to have an operation done but i was saying to myself on the way down i don't care how long it takes i no im going to be sore after but i don't care how sore this is only a quarter of what Karagh went through. The only thing that i wasn't looking forward to after was not been able to pick Karagh up and give her hugs but its been 3 weeks now so im just glad im getting better and i can pick her up again :)

We are off to Lourdes in the morning for a week cant wait to go :) will have pictures and updates on how it goes when we are back home :)

Friday, 22 June 2012

A Day Of Joy For Karagh :)

Its been over a week now since Karagh had her scan done. .we couldn't have been any happier with the result we got that it was all ok.Shes doing good and getting so big now.She has her good days and bad days but mostly all good :)
There's alot of days of joy for Karagh bringing her place's and seeing different things but today was one of the best days :) Karagh received one of the Joy Jars from Jessie Rees Foundation : Never Ever Give Up today  :)

Her Smile just says it all she was delighted with her Joy Jar thanks to Jessie Rees Foundation :                                                                    NEVER EVER GIVE UP :)  

Karagh playing with the toys that were stuffed inside the Joy Jar :)

N E G U :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All Clear :)

So Yesterday was Karagh's first Scan in 3 Month's since she was N.E.D and they were all clear :) We were so delighted and so to was Karagh's doctor.He was delighted with her progress.Her next scan is a CT scan which is on the 4th of September which will also be Karagh's first birthday aswell :)

Yesterday we were back down in St Johns ward for the first time in 3 month,s.It was good to see all the nurses that had been working with Karagh again and they were all happy to see Karagh to.As small as she was 3 months ago she still remembered them and as usual gave them a smile :) They couldn't beleave how big she got.It was good to talk to them all again and for them to see Karagh.

        After a long Morning in the Hospital she eventually gave up and fell asleep on way home :)

Will have more post up soon :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nerve's Time

Karagh's scan is coming up on Tuesday and im definitely not looking forward to it.My nerves are kicking in big time now.Its been 3 months since we were last up with Karagh's Doctor Micheal.I don't want Tuesday to come but at the same time i just want to get it done and over with,Within the 3 Months there's a few things that worried us like Karagh been badly constipated again  the reason we brought her to the hospital in the first place and just the other day we noticed her constantly hitting herself on the head with her hand,she only done it the once so maybe it was just a one off thing she had a headache or her teeth is driving her mad :(

I cant help but worry bout these things or things i think are strange its all ive been doing since the first day we   found out.

So please Keep the prayers going for Karagh that it will be the news we all want.

Apart from the few things i mentioned above Karagh has been in good form she is flying it and as always she is smiling and now giggling everyday,she is getting so big and always wants to be down on the ground she is not yet crawling but the way things are looking she will be walking before she is crawling :)She is my Little Inspiration and My Little Fighter and i love her to bits x

                         Smiling for the Camera as soon as she see's a camera she smiles

                           6 attempts to get her passport photo because she kept smiling at the Camera :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Always Thinking

 So much to say because its been a while since i have updated my blog.We have done so much stuff since the Zoo we have been to loads of party,s,  Karagh has had loads of sleep over with both Nanny,s and Granda,s.

But there one thing i am so happy about and that's Karagh seeing her uncle Dean for the 2nd time play a rugby match but this time it was a final for the Darcy Cup and he won.We had a brilliant Day and even better when we went down pitch side to get photos taken with the cup, but as the match goes on for 70 minutes it was to much for Karagh and she fell asleep in her buggy ha :)

A picture of Karagh's uncle Dean scoring the winning try :)

New Room:

 We got Karagh's room ready for her to move into and she loves it,she in her own room 3 weeks now she starting to sleep all night. Its been hard as she is only getting back into her routine of things with everything she has been through.I do nights and Sarah gets up in morning even if she sleeps or not im still in and out to check on her id stay awake all night if i have to.For the first 3 weeks of her been in her own room  she would wake up 5 or 6 times during the night,i didn't mind i would just go into her and give her her soother and stay in there with her till she would fall back asleep.There has been nights where she cry'd so much with her teeth as she is teething like mad i would pick her up and let her fall asleep in my arms and then put her back down in her cot.Now she goes to sleep between 8 and half 8 and sleeps through till half 7 maybe just wakening ounce for her soother but other than that she is really good :)

                                                 Karagh in her new room :)
                                                Fast asleep and looks so comfy :)

The Beach:

As i was explaining earlier we have done so many things in the last few weeks and another one of them was a trip to the beach with Karagh for the first time :) we had a brilliant day relaxing on the beach, playing abit of football and taking a walk up along the pier.We brought her into the arcades to play on some of the games in there and as i always do i got her 1 or 2 teddy's :)

                                                      Enjoying the Sun and beach :)
                                                               Karagh and Mammy :)


Karagh enjoying her new teething rings that were sent to her by some friends Mike and Kezia she really likes them :) Mike and Kezia have been so good to us :)

                                                     A big Kiss for Daddy xx

Always Thinking:

Its been 2 and a half months now since Karagh has been N.E.D(no evidence of disease) she has been in great form and is doing so well,she is sitting up on her own she always wants to be down on the ground trying to walk even though she cant even crawling yet but i give it another few days and she will crawl she doing her best too,the other day she started clapping her hands and dancing,i have her giving me a high five every time i hold my hand up :) and every morning Sarah brings her down she is Da Da Da Da until i get up :) she is just the best xx. .she has had her Hickman line(Freddie) removed now the last 3 weeks and it was a bit of mixed emotions getting it out. .I was delighted she was getting it out as it was another step on the right road but there was that little bit of me inside that wanted her to keep it, i don't no why? i think it was just incase of it coming back and the line was out that she would have to go through it all over again getting it back in,sounds stupid maybe but there always going to be that part of me that's never relaxed always thinking when she cry's is it back again.She has a scan in June and im not looking forward to it as expected, i wont be looking forward to any of the scans really, but i didn't call her MY LITTLE FIGHTER for noting and she proved to us all that she is a fighter and she is going to power her way through every scan.She is the best and i am so so proud of her and so proud to be a father :) love her to bits

                                          Just back from having Freddie removed
                                      My Little Princess all grown up and full of smiles as usual :)

Want everybody to keep Karagh in your prayers and that every scan she has is good news :) xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful Day so we decided to bring Karagh to the Zoo. .She was in hospital first to have her  Freddy cleaned and her bandage changed. .After she was done we left for the Zoo Me Sarah, Karagh and her uncle Shane. .We had a brilliant day there Karagh got to see lots of animals and was amazed by the giraffes which came up real close to us. .The picture above we had taken when we got there. .We spent most of the day in the Zoo and we got loads of pictures of the animals and loads of pictures of Karagh awake and asleep :)

She had fallen asleep when we were nearly finished in the Zoo so she got to see all the animals except the lions as they were building an Asian Plains for the lions. .Cant wait till its finished so we can go back up and see them :) One thing we did get to see was TIGERS :) the one we got to see was the Amur Tiger as the Sumatran Tiger was asleep and we couldn't really see him as much.
                                                                 Amur Tiger

                                                         Karagh and the Giraffes
                                                     Karagh sitting in the wishing chair
                                                           A hard day at the Zoo

After a day in the Zoo yesterday we had our meeting today with Dr Micheal Capra who is Karagh's consultant. .We had a talk about when she was diagnosed and her scans which showed her being N.E.D(no evidence of disease)We had our questions we had to ask him and we both were happy with what he told us. .Karagh will have her date sent out to have her Freddie removed. .We still have a long road ahead of us with hospital visit scans and other test done but at least we are on the right road :)Her next scan is on the 5th June   and every 3 to 4 months after that. .she will have her usual test done urine,ct's and ultrasounds to make sure it doesn't come back and we pray each and every day that it doesn't.

                                                                     Full of Smiles