Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thinking Back

I remember when we were told Karagh had Neuroblastoma i didn't no what to think or what to do.I felt sick i was running back and forward to the  bathroom every 10 mins feeling like i wanted to be sick. Every time i tried to eat it was just impossible cos all i could think about was my little princess and why did this happen to her to  us i never thought in a million years that we would have to go through this, for Karagh to go through this.It was the next day when we were in the hospital our family's had come up to  us in Crumlin it was there first time to be with us since we had found out. .Again i was still not feeling great i didn't sleep at all the previous   night i was up all night thinking and asking myself the same question,s over and over again why me why us why Karagh,The only way i got myself to sleep that night was by crying myself to sleep i thought if i don't sleep now ill be no good to anybody tomorrow and i have to be strong for Sarah and for Karagh.Our family,s came up to us anyways and i said id go for a walk just to get out of the little room we were in and to let both our parents see Karagh before she went to theater to have her Biopsy and Hickman line done.i decided to walk to the shop in the Hospital to get myself a drink of something i didn't no what because i knew whatever it was i probably wouldn't be able to drink it anyways but i picked up a bottle of orange,i had 10 euro in my pocket and i turned to go pay for it at the counter and i noticed teddy,s in a basket, i picked up a White Tiger and i ask the woman how much they were and she said 10 euro,as i like White Tigers i thought to myself Tigers to me represent STRENGTH, POWER AND A FIGHTER so i put back my bottle of orange and bought the teddy for Karagh and i came back to the room and i put the Tiger beside her in the bed and whispered to myself this is for you Beautiful because you have the STRENGTH POWER AND YOUR A FIGHTER to get through this YOUR DADDY,S LITTLE FIGHTER and you will always be MY LITTLE FIGHTER.The teddy now sits above her cot since the day she came home from hospital. .and i always think if i had bought the orange it would have been a waste because i wouldn't have drank it but this Teddy she will always have forever :) 

                                  A picture of Karagh asleep with Tiger over her head

                                          A picture of Tiger i no Karagh would like :)

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