Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Results and Phone Call

Today was Karagh,s visit to the hospital  to have her bloods checked and her Freddie cleaned,because she had been sick from the rota virus she had not been eating as much or drinking.I thought her bloods were going to be all over the place from her not being well the last few days.

While we were waiting on the Nurse to come in to do her bloods Sarah,s phone rang and it was Crumlin Hospital giving us a new date for Karagh,s scan which is scheduled for Thursday :)
We are so happy that we got it so quick and so soon but we had been on to them to reschedule it as quickly as possible anyways and thankfully it paid off .
Meanwhile Karagh,s bloods have been done and we are home from the Hospital, Sarah has just rang Portlaoise for Karagh,s results and there all good :) its been a good day for us.

                                              Karagh,s visit to Hospital today:)


  1. So happy that Karagh will be getting that scan this week and her blood tests were okay. Lots of love and prayers coming from the United States for you and your family (((hugs)))

  2. What cutie. Praying for good news!! Love from Utah