Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful Day so we decided to bring Karagh to the Zoo. .She was in hospital first to have her  Freddy cleaned and her bandage changed. .After she was done we left for the Zoo Me Sarah, Karagh and her uncle Shane. .We had a brilliant day there Karagh got to see lots of animals and was amazed by the giraffes which came up real close to us. .The picture above we had taken when we got there. .We spent most of the day in the Zoo and we got loads of pictures of the animals and loads of pictures of Karagh awake and asleep :)

She had fallen asleep when we were nearly finished in the Zoo so she got to see all the animals except the lions as they were building an Asian Plains for the lions. .Cant wait till its finished so we can go back up and see them :) One thing we did get to see was TIGERS :) the one we got to see was the Amur Tiger as the Sumatran Tiger was asleep and we couldn't really see him as much.
                                                                 Amur Tiger

                                                         Karagh and the Giraffes
                                                     Karagh sitting in the wishing chair
                                                           A hard day at the Zoo

After a day in the Zoo yesterday we had our meeting today with Dr Micheal Capra who is Karagh's consultant. .We had a talk about when she was diagnosed and her scans which showed her being N.E.D(no evidence of disease)We had our questions we had to ask him and we both were happy with what he told us. .Karagh will have her date sent out to have her Freddie removed. .We still have a long road ahead of us with hospital visit scans and other test done but at least we are on the right road :)Her next scan is on the 5th June   and every 3 to 4 months after that. .she will have her usual test done urine,ct's and ultrasounds to make sure it doesn't come back and we pray each and every day that it doesn't.

                                                                     Full of Smiles

Friday, 23 March 2012

First Paddy's Day Together

St Patrick's day was good it was our first paddy's day together not only was it our first paddy's day as a family but it was Karagh and her friend Jack's very first parade. .It wasn't the warmest of days but we all had a good time :) The day started off raining but then it stopped. .both Karagh and Jack were well wrapped up and all cosy looking in there buggy's so much that we wanted to climb in with them :).There was plenty of things for them to both watch mostly interested in the horses and dogs.My Mam and Dad and my brother Dean had come into watch the parade to and we all met up together. .When the parade had finished we decided to go back to our house and get something to eat and watch the rugby match on television"well abit of it anyways then Mickey Mouse was put on for Karagh and Jack" they were happy for the evening.
Our First Paddy's Day Together

Mothers Day
The day after was mothers day and was Sarah's first Mothers day. .For mothers day Karagh got her mammy a dvd she likes and a lovely card along with a voucher for a tattoo that i had drew for Sarah to get done. .She will have pictures up soon so i wont tell what it is she got done but i will say that it is lovely and im sure you will like it to  :)
Sarah will look at her tattoo and will always remember her first mothers day :)

Next week the 27th we are meeting with Karagh's consultant Dr Micheal Capra to have a look for ourselves at her CT scans to see the before and afters of Karagh's tumor just to close our minds on it.we are goin to also talk about a date to have Karagh's Hickman line removed and to see what her protocol is from here on.Until then we still visit the hospital weekly to have it cleaned and bandage changed.

                                             Karagh and Jack getting ready for Parade
                                                     Happy St Patricks Day
                                             Me Sarah and Karagh on Paddy's Day

Monday, 12 March 2012

Best feeling ever

In the hospital again today to have Karagh's freddie cleaned and bandage change. .As always from day one Karagh has always been good with getting her bandage done and freddie cleaned she just lies there and looks at the nurses doing everything around her,if she could id say she would help them and if she could she would tell them to do it right ha. .through all of it the nurses cant beleave how good she is with getting everything done and how well she has coped with everything over the last few months she has been a little trooper and i love her to bits :)

Over the last 3 months of her been in and out of hospital i can only ever remember her crying once in the hospital and that was due to been over tired and been woken up to have her lines flushed after chemo and i remember that day because one of the nurses and the receptionist look at us and said that a first,i never heard her cry before :)That was her first time ever.

Since being N.E.D Karagh is doing really good,she is feeding well and she is putting on weight. .she loves her bottles and most of all she loves her breakfast,dinner,yogurt and tea aswell. .she is sleeping good and she loves watching her tele during the day. .she loves to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse,Handy Many,Jungle junction,Special Agent Oso,Jake and the never land pirates and Curious George. .watching her watch tele i would do all day just to watch the expressions on her face when each program comes on she loves each and every one of them :)

We have her out alot more now in the fresh air and bring her places we couldn't before. .Today we went to the Park with her best friend Jack and they had a great time together on the swings. .To be able to bring her out like that is great because i love spending every minute of the day with Karagh doing fun things together and seeing her smile makes me smile. .i never had the opportunity before of being able to do that to bring her out or down to the park and today was absolutely brilliant and the next day out for us all it cant come quick enough. .hopefully or next big day out now is to the zoo :)

                                                    Karagh's first time on the swing
                                   Karagh and her best friend Jack on the swings together
We couldn't watch Karagh and Jack have all the fun so me and Vinny had a go on the swings ourselves and had a bit of fun :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Good Day Out :)

The last few days have been so good. .I cant describe how i am feeling right now since we found out Karagh was cancer free. .She still has the fight of staying in remission but to no that she is in remission is far from the news we were expecting Friday 2nd. .Since finding out we have been doing loads of things together as a family. .Yesterday we went out shopping for Karagh to get her new clothes, we had a great day all out together it was brilliant. .When we were finished shopping the fun wasn't over yet :) we went to my brothers house for a Birthday party,it was Karagh's big cousin Dylan's 8th Birthday and we all had a good time. .That was Karagh's first time to be around loads of kids at once and she loved it. .she was smiling ,talking(trying to talk) and she didn't no where to look :) She sat in her buggy and as always a smile from ear to ear :) we have another party again in a few days for Sasha,Dylan's little sister she will be 3 so it'll be another fun day for everybody including Karagh,she love been surrounded by other kids :)

                                     Karagh and little cousin Kayla enjoying party yesterday :)

Will update more soon :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

She,s Done It

                                                                  our family :)
                                                             The little Fighter

Sarah rang the Doctor today to see if she could get the results of Karagh,s CT she had last week. .They took Sarah,s number and they told her they would get Dr Capra to ring her back. .This week has been the most nerve wrecking week i have ever had in my life waiting for the results. .I never prayed as much as i have in the last week for good news. .After Sarah had got off the phone i said id go wash the car in our local shop 2 mins from my Mam,s house, i was gone a about 20 mins. .I was just finished washing the Car when my phone rang. .It was my Dad. .I answered the phone and he told me to come back home. .My first thought was the Dr Capra,s after ringing and my second thought was its bad news why would he ring me when he knew i was coming back anyways why not just wait on me. .When i got home i walked in the door and Sarah was crying me Mam was crying and i could see tears in my dad,s eyes i thought to myself do i really wanna hear this. .Sarah couldn't say anything i look at me mam and she couldn't say anything either. .so i looked at my dad and he told me that the Dr had told Sarah that Karagh,s cancer had gone and that she wouldn't need an operation or any more treatment. .He had also said that he and the other consultants  looked at the scans and couldn't be leave that it had just disappeared the only thing there was a scar on top of her kidney. .I couldn't get words out of my mouth i couldn't be leave what i have just heard. .i went to Karagh and gave her a big hug and a kiss and then went to Sarah and gave her a big hug. .i still couldn't get words out though i was just so shocked but happy. .I went outside and lifted the cross from under my top ive been wearing from the first day Karagh was diagnosed and kissed it and i raised my hands up to the clouds with happiness its only then that i realize that all my prayers all your prayers and every prayer had been answered for Karagh to get better to be strong and to get through this. .I knew she would get through this. .As im writing this i still am in shock over this but deep inside i am so so so so sooooooo happy. .The week of a nerve wrecking as been worthed and this date the 2nd of March i will never forget. .Today on words we can do what we have never done and could never do with Karagh and that is to bring her places with us and just do things as a family now without having to cover her going into shops she can sit up in her buggy and look around her now without having to look through a plastic cover :) First thing i want to do with her is to bring her to the zoo and bring her to the tiger pen and explain to her why i picked a tiger to go into this battle with her . . Doesn't have to be today,tomorrow,or next week it can be a month or two from now and its what im going to do :) she might not understand stand what im saying but when shes older  i will tell her again and like me i no she will only love tigers. The day Karagh was born i was the happiest person ever and today was that feeling all over again if not more. .Shes a little Fighter she MY LITTLE FIGHTER and i love her to bits.