Friday, 2 March 2012

She,s Done It

                                                                  our family :)
                                                             The little Fighter

Sarah rang the Doctor today to see if she could get the results of Karagh,s CT she had last week. .They took Sarah,s number and they told her they would get Dr Capra to ring her back. .This week has been the most nerve wrecking week i have ever had in my life waiting for the results. .I never prayed as much as i have in the last week for good news. .After Sarah had got off the phone i said id go wash the car in our local shop 2 mins from my Mam,s house, i was gone a about 20 mins. .I was just finished washing the Car when my phone rang. .It was my Dad. .I answered the phone and he told me to come back home. .My first thought was the Dr Capra,s after ringing and my second thought was its bad news why would he ring me when he knew i was coming back anyways why not just wait on me. .When i got home i walked in the door and Sarah was crying me Mam was crying and i could see tears in my dad,s eyes i thought to myself do i really wanna hear this. .Sarah couldn't say anything i look at me mam and she couldn't say anything either. .so i looked at my dad and he told me that the Dr had told Sarah that Karagh,s cancer had gone and that she wouldn't need an operation or any more treatment. .He had also said that he and the other consultants  looked at the scans and couldn't be leave that it had just disappeared the only thing there was a scar on top of her kidney. .I couldn't get words out of my mouth i couldn't be leave what i have just heard. .i went to Karagh and gave her a big hug and a kiss and then went to Sarah and gave her a big hug. .i still couldn't get words out though i was just so shocked but happy. .I went outside and lifted the cross from under my top ive been wearing from the first day Karagh was diagnosed and kissed it and i raised my hands up to the clouds with happiness its only then that i realize that all my prayers all your prayers and every prayer had been answered for Karagh to get better to be strong and to get through this. .I knew she would get through this. .As im writing this i still am in shock over this but deep inside i am so so so so sooooooo happy. .The week of a nerve wrecking as been worthed and this date the 2nd of March i will never forget. .Today on words we can do what we have never done and could never do with Karagh and that is to bring her places with us and just do things as a family now without having to cover her going into shops she can sit up in her buggy and look around her now without having to look through a plastic cover :) First thing i want to do with her is to bring her to the zoo and bring her to the tiger pen and explain to her why i picked a tiger to go into this battle with her . . Doesn't have to be today,tomorrow,or next week it can be a month or two from now and its what im going to do :) she might not understand stand what im saying but when shes older  i will tell her again and like me i no she will only love tigers. The day Karagh was born i was the happiest person ever and today was that feeling all over again if not more. .Shes a little Fighter she MY LITTLE FIGHTER and i love her to bits.


  1. SO happy for you both. Made my day this morning, you did! Crying now for you just reading this. Happy tears. Enjoy life...and exhale finally!

  2. This is so exciting Keith.. You are such a wonderful dad and Sarah is such a wonderful mom.. :)