Friday, 23 March 2012

First Paddy's Day Together

St Patrick's day was good it was our first paddy's day together not only was it our first paddy's day as a family but it was Karagh and her friend Jack's very first parade. .It wasn't the warmest of days but we all had a good time :) The day started off raining but then it stopped. .both Karagh and Jack were well wrapped up and all cosy looking in there buggy's so much that we wanted to climb in with them :).There was plenty of things for them to both watch mostly interested in the horses and dogs.My Mam and Dad and my brother Dean had come into watch the parade to and we all met up together. .When the parade had finished we decided to go back to our house and get something to eat and watch the rugby match on television"well abit of it anyways then Mickey Mouse was put on for Karagh and Jack" they were happy for the evening.
Our First Paddy's Day Together

Mothers Day
The day after was mothers day and was Sarah's first Mothers day. .For mothers day Karagh got her mammy a dvd she likes and a lovely card along with a voucher for a tattoo that i had drew for Sarah to get done. .She will have pictures up soon so i wont tell what it is she got done but i will say that it is lovely and im sure you will like it to  :)
Sarah will look at her tattoo and will always remember her first mothers day :)

Next week the 27th we are meeting with Karagh's consultant Dr Micheal Capra to have a look for ourselves at her CT scans to see the before and afters of Karagh's tumor just to close our minds on it.we are goin to also talk about a date to have Karagh's Hickman line removed and to see what her protocol is from here on.Until then we still visit the hospital weekly to have it cleaned and bandage changed.

                                             Karagh and Jack getting ready for Parade
                                                     Happy St Patricks Day
                                             Me Sarah and Karagh on Paddy's Day

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