Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful Day so we decided to bring Karagh to the Zoo. .She was in hospital first to have her  Freddy cleaned and her bandage changed. .After she was done we left for the Zoo Me Sarah, Karagh and her uncle Shane. .We had a brilliant day there Karagh got to see lots of animals and was amazed by the giraffes which came up real close to us. .The picture above we had taken when we got there. .We spent most of the day in the Zoo and we got loads of pictures of the animals and loads of pictures of Karagh awake and asleep :)

She had fallen asleep when we were nearly finished in the Zoo so she got to see all the animals except the lions as they were building an Asian Plains for the lions. .Cant wait till its finished so we can go back up and see them :) One thing we did get to see was TIGERS :) the one we got to see was the Amur Tiger as the Sumatran Tiger was asleep and we couldn't really see him as much.
                                                                 Amur Tiger

                                                         Karagh and the Giraffes
                                                     Karagh sitting in the wishing chair
                                                           A hard day at the Zoo

After a day in the Zoo yesterday we had our meeting today with Dr Micheal Capra who is Karagh's consultant. .We had a talk about when she was diagnosed and her scans which showed her being N.E.D(no evidence of disease)We had our questions we had to ask him and we both were happy with what he told us. .Karagh will have her date sent out to have her Freddie removed. .We still have a long road ahead of us with hospital visit scans and other test done but at least we are on the right road :)Her next scan is on the 5th June   and every 3 to 4 months after that. .she will have her usual test done urine,ct's and ultrasounds to make sure it doesn't come back and we pray each and every day that it doesn't.

                                                                     Full of Smiles

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