Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Good Day Out :)

The last few days have been so good. .I cant describe how i am feeling right now since we found out Karagh was cancer free. .She still has the fight of staying in remission but to no that she is in remission is far from the news we were expecting Friday 2nd. .Since finding out we have been doing loads of things together as a family. .Yesterday we went out shopping for Karagh to get her new clothes, we had a great day all out together it was brilliant. .When we were finished shopping the fun wasn't over yet :) we went to my brothers house for a Birthday party,it was Karagh's big cousin Dylan's 8th Birthday and we all had a good time. .That was Karagh's first time to be around loads of kids at once and she loved it. .she was smiling ,talking(trying to talk) and she didn't no where to look :) She sat in her buggy and as always a smile from ear to ear :) we have another party again in a few days for Sasha,Dylan's little sister she will be 3 so it'll be another fun day for everybody including Karagh,she love been surrounded by other kids :)

                                     Karagh and little cousin Kayla enjoying party yesterday :)

Will update more soon :)

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