Monday, 12 March 2012

Best feeling ever

In the hospital again today to have Karagh's freddie cleaned and bandage change. .As always from day one Karagh has always been good with getting her bandage done and freddie cleaned she just lies there and looks at the nurses doing everything around her,if she could id say she would help them and if she could she would tell them to do it right ha. .through all of it the nurses cant beleave how good she is with getting everything done and how well she has coped with everything over the last few months she has been a little trooper and i love her to bits :)

Over the last 3 months of her been in and out of hospital i can only ever remember her crying once in the hospital and that was due to been over tired and been woken up to have her lines flushed after chemo and i remember that day because one of the nurses and the receptionist look at us and said that a first,i never heard her cry before :)That was her first time ever.

Since being N.E.D Karagh is doing really good,she is feeding well and she is putting on weight. .she loves her bottles and most of all she loves her breakfast,dinner,yogurt and tea aswell. .she is sleeping good and she loves watching her tele during the day. .she loves to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse,Handy Many,Jungle junction,Special Agent Oso,Jake and the never land pirates and Curious George. .watching her watch tele i would do all day just to watch the expressions on her face when each program comes on she loves each and every one of them :)

We have her out alot more now in the fresh air and bring her places we couldn't before. .Today we went to the Park with her best friend Jack and they had a great time together on the swings. .To be able to bring her out like that is great because i love spending every minute of the day with Karagh doing fun things together and seeing her smile makes me smile. .i never had the opportunity before of being able to do that to bring her out or down to the park and today was absolutely brilliant and the next day out for us all it cant come quick enough. .hopefully or next big day out now is to the zoo :)

                                                    Karagh's first time on the swing
                                   Karagh and her best friend Jack on the swings together
We couldn't watch Karagh and Jack have all the fun so me and Vinny had a go on the swings ourselves and had a bit of fun :)

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