Thursday, 6 September 2012

1 year old :)

On the 4th of September Karagh turned 1 :) we had the best birthday party ever for her, loads of family and friends and lovely messages from Karagh's followers on facebook.
We had an absolute brilliant day the sun was shining and the kids had fun on the bouncy castle :)
After all she has been through she deserved to be spoiled on her big day and she did indeed get spoiled by everybody.She got lovely presents and cards from many people including Stefano a friend we meet in Lourdes he was from Italy. .he sent her a post card saying Happy Birthday and in Italian he wrote Greetings i pray for you :) which was so nice of him he always came over to her the hotel and he said to me he will never forget her.

I cant believe she is 1 already the year flew round with its downs but then we had our ups aswell being told that Karagh is N.E.D which was the best news we could have ever got.
She surprised everybody that day when they looked at the scan the doctor said to us that they couldnt believe that it had just disappeared it had shrunk with the chemo she was getting.
When i heard it first i was shocked but when i knew it had gone i was over the moon with joy and so happy.

Now Karagh is 1 year old and she is as happy as ever and still N.E.D we had her check up on Tuesday and the doctor was happy with her said she is doing fine growing well and putting on weight :)
We had her MRI booked for Monday but the Machine was broken so we have to wait on another date for the scan so still bit nerves even tho the doctor said she was fine but just want to get the scan done and to see that everything is 100%

Karagh with her Birthday Cake :)

Cake with Minnie Mouse

Me Sarah and Karagh :)

Singing Happy Birthday

Karagh had a brilliant Birthday so many Pictures to show her when she gets older and thanks everybody for all her birthday wishes on her Karagh Mouse Clubhouse Page :) xxx

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