Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nerve's Time

Karagh's scan is coming up on Tuesday and im definitely not looking forward to it.My nerves are kicking in big time now.Its been 3 months since we were last up with Karagh's Doctor Micheal.I don't want Tuesday to come but at the same time i just want to get it done and over with,Within the 3 Months there's a few things that worried us like Karagh been badly constipated again  the reason we brought her to the hospital in the first place and just the other day we noticed her constantly hitting herself on the head with her hand,she only done it the once so maybe it was just a one off thing she had a headache or her teeth is driving her mad :(

I cant help but worry bout these things or things i think are strange its all ive been doing since the first day we   found out.

So please Keep the prayers going for Karagh that it will be the news we all want.

Apart from the few things i mentioned above Karagh has been in good form she is flying it and as always she is smiling and now giggling everyday,she is getting so big and always wants to be down on the ground she is not yet crawling but the way things are looking she will be walking before she is crawling :)She is my Little Inspiration and My Little Fighter and i love her to bits x

                         Smiling for the Camera as soon as she see's a camera she smiles

                           6 attempts to get her passport photo because she kept smiling at the Camera :)


  1. Stay strong, and deep breaths. sending love and hugs and positive vibes