Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All Clear :)

So Yesterday was Karagh's first Scan in 3 Month's since she was N.E.D and they were all clear :) We were so delighted and so to was Karagh's doctor.He was delighted with her progress.Her next scan is a CT scan which is on the 4th of September which will also be Karagh's first birthday aswell :)

Yesterday we were back down in St Johns ward for the first time in 3 month,s.It was good to see all the nurses that had been working with Karagh again and they were all happy to see Karagh to.As small as she was 3 months ago she still remembered them and as usual gave them a smile :) They couldn't beleave how big she got.It was good to talk to them all again and for them to see Karagh.

        After a long Morning in the Hospital she eventually gave up and fell asleep on way home :)

Will have more post up soon :)


  1. Karagh! I am so proud of you, sweet pea! And I am thanking our Lord for answered prayers. Keep fighting, little one. You're winning!

  2. I am so happy for you :) You are a wonderful family and stay strong :)