Friday, 22 June 2012

A Day Of Joy For Karagh :)

Its been over a week now since Karagh had her scan done. .we couldn't have been any happier with the result we got that it was all ok.Shes doing good and getting so big now.She has her good days and bad days but mostly all good :)
There's alot of days of joy for Karagh bringing her place's and seeing different things but today was one of the best days :) Karagh received one of the Joy Jars from Jessie Rees Foundation : Never Ever Give Up today  :)

Her Smile just says it all she was delighted with her Joy Jar thanks to Jessie Rees Foundation :                                                                    NEVER EVER GIVE UP :)  

Karagh playing with the toys that were stuffed inside the Joy Jar :)

N E G U :)

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